10 reasons to use a list broker

With the economy now showing signs of recovery, businesses are looking to promote, inform and communicate with new potential customers. The purse strings are finally loosening and marketers are starting to think about their next campaign, whilst keeping a weather eye on those budgets.

Are you looking to promote your product or service to a fresh audience?

Buying data for your new marketing campaign can be a daunting task, but with the help of a professional list broker you can rest assured that your data requirements will be met allowing you time to concentrate on the creative proposition and the sexy stuff.

10 reasons to use a list broker

So, how can a list broker help you?

Well, here are 10 good reasons….

List brokers have access to a wide variety of data sources, channels and opportunities. From niche business data to large consumer data sets, a good broker should be able to pinpoint the perfect list.

List brokers, unlike list owners, are not tied to an in house list, or indeed any particular list owner, which means you get impartial advice.

Customer Focus
Success or failure in list broking is dependent upon listening, sourcing and delivering fresh data that meets customer requirements. Nothing less will do.

With a variety of legal and data licensing issues to navigate, it is essential to understand the pitfalls and restrictions of list rental / purchase.

Best Value
Brokers are paid by means of a commission from list owners, which means, that you pay no more than going direct to a list owner. An experienced broker will ensure the right usage license, channels and quantity and can often negotiate further discounts on your behalf.

Brokers work across an array of business sectors and have a broad understanding of what makes them tick. A good broker will offer free advice, best practice guidance and the benefit of their direct marketing knowledge.

Experience can’t be bought, it has to be earned. Why put yourself through a steep learning curve when you can get benefit from others? With years of experience, a good broker can speed up the process of locating a good list.

Time Saving
Employing a broker means that you can brief one person, who, then effectively does your legwork in tracking down a small selection of lists for consideration. This can save countless hours in contacting list owners and briefing each one individually as well as sifting through their proposals.

Shared Success
We share in your success. Good brokers get repeat business. Bad brokers don’t. Simple.

Experience coupled with industry knowledge is a powerful combination. List brokers are inherently inquisitive, tenacious and willing to go the extra mile to meet client expectations. We leave no stone unturned.

Can we help you?

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